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This story is about a boy called Oliver forced into an impossible situation. His life changes beyond recognition when his parents vanish. He has some tough decisions to make; betray his father, or ask for help. On his quest to find his mum and dad, he travels a journey of scientific and self-discovery, where he learns some hard lessons in life; family are never to be taken for granted, true friendships should always be cherished, and even in the darkest places, there is always hope.

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Reader Reviews

"This was a book that I read with my daughter. We always have one book that we read together. I loved the story, and so did she. It’s quirky, and actually a bit different. Absolutely loved the science, and laughed out loud on several occasions. A feel good book. Would love to see a sequel, will certainly be looking out for it. It comes highly recommended, for Mum’s as well as children." - June

"It's the best book I've EVER read." - Henry [age 10]

"LOVED IT! Can't wait to recomend it to all my friends." - Sarah

“A gripping read. Oliver, the main character, faces one of the greatest problems that any eleven-year-old boy can; his parent’s have gone missing. The book follows the exploits of Oliver and his best friend, Storm, in an adventure to find them. Extremely funny at time with some very big and interesting scientific ideas being explored throughout." - Josh

"I read Oliver and the Missing Scientist to my little boy (he's 9) every night. Every day for 3 weeks, he couldn't wait for bed. We both really enjoyed it and he even understood some of the sciency bits better than I did. On his behalf I'd like to ask, when is the next one due?" - Sharon

Bev Carr

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    The inspiration for absolutely everything I do. I’ve been reading my own children stories for the past eighteen years, and if I fail to find the right story for the occasion, I write one. Stories are the foundations to build upon. The world of literature is where young imaginations explore the world; taking children to places where they can later dream of, magic is possible, good always conquers evil, the impossible can be realised, and dreams can come true.


    Social media provides a rich source of sentiment, the emotions and lines of a plot from story are woven into the stream of media. I perform research in NextFriday that uses stories, plots, emotions and inflections to help businesses and organisations navigate their way and reach their social objectives. Everybody relates to stories, even grown-ups.


    Many years ago whilst still at school, a teacher once told me, ‘choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day’. At the time, I didn’t understand what she meant, but I do now. When I write, I’m not working, I’m doing something that I love. I write because I love to write. If writing was a place, then for me, it would be a Welsh mountain on a warm summer’s day.

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